Building, like anything else, is an evolving art, something that never really stands still.  Yes, there are fundamental aspects of the craft that have existed for as long as people have been building structures, but it’s what you do with those fundamentals that I believe sets some builders apart from others.

Being fundamentally sound is always going to be important, and it should be.  But being open to new ideas is equally important, and when you can marry the two together, you get something that’s truly special.

This blog is my way to share some of the the creative ideas that catch my eye as I do my research.  As well, it’s an opportunity for me to put forward some of the current thinking that pertains to homebuilding, and some of the creative new design features that are being showcased by other builders worldwide.

It keeps the discussion going, and to me, communication of ideas is an important thing.  Whether it’s my own original design, or an interpretation of that of another, your home is likely going to be the most significant purchase you’ll make in your life.  My goal is that you be totally happy with the end product.

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