COBUS HOMES is a high-quality builder and development company.  In addition to our construction services, we also scout and purchase locations that we feel will enhance our finished products with elegance and pride of ownership.

Simply put, we wish to stand out for all the right reasons, and building a beautiful home on a beautiful lot seems to make perfect sense to us.  We put a lot of emphasis on the high-end quality of our builds, so complimenting that with the right location is, for us, a must.

We are, as well, innovators using the latest methodology when it comes to our construction commitments, including use of Insulated Concrete Forming and timber framing for those who wish to incorporate that feature into their builds.

We have a custom home build process that is simple and efficient, with easy to understand timelines.  We want you to know what’s going on with every step of the journey, allowing you to confidently understand what’s being done and when, with no surprises.  Building a custom home is exciting, but it also comes with a certain level of anxiety.  We wish to take the latter out of the equation.