Your home, your way. At Cobus Homes, we build dreams.

With a building heritage that spans several generations, Cobus Homes remains dedicated to the same high level of quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction that has allowed us to evolve into the premiere home-building solution in the Ottawa Valley.

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COBUS HOMES can assist you with all aspects of the experience, from designing your home right through to its decoration. We're all about turning your ideas into your reality.

We'll be there throughout the process, from initial design to construction and on through completion. It's sometimes said that the process itself is big part of the overall experience, and we want to make sure that we're in a position to assist you in navigating your way through it.

We have a custom home build process that is simple and efficient, with easy to understand timelines.
We offer a wide range of creative solutions for taking your existing space and breathing fresh air into it.
We take pride in providing quality housing to families. Apply to be a tenant in one of our rental properties.
Contemporary design fusing modern aesthetics
& innovative solutions that elevate the living space
Cutting-edge design features,
materials, and building techniques

Questions are an important
part of the build process.

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What makes us different from all the other builders?

More than anything else, pride, passion, and a commitment to the highest standards, both in building homes and collaborating with our clients. Attention to the details, customer service, and getting things right are the hallmarks of our service.

Do the homes we build come with a warranty?

Yes, absolutely, they do. We are registered with Tarion Warranty Corporation and our homes come with a 7-year limited warranty.

Can we make changes to the house once the process has started?

Changes are a part of the human experience, and we’re open to the idea of changes being requested once the build has started. It’s our intention to be as flexible and as accommodating as we can, subject of course to the type of change requested and how it may impact the timetable. Cost-effectiveness, feasibility, and impact on construction schedule are all important considerations that must be taken into account before changes are approved.

Can we visit our home while it’s being constructed?

Sure, you can come out to visit your home at any point during the construction process. That said, you’ll be required to notify us beforehand so that we may meet you on-site and advise you on any potential safety hazards or to provide you with any equipment you may need to keep your visit a safe one.

Will we be closing the deal on time?

We make every effort to complete our projects on schedule as it’s directly related to customer satisfaction, and by extension, our reputation. We’re careful to factor into the equation an extra time “buffer” in case of delays that may impact our completion dates. It seems that unforeseen delays can be a part of any major project, but most delays happen as a result of changes made to the original plan. As this is an on-going collaboration between the two of us, any potential delays will be discussed as they arise, and we would certainly communicate to you any delays that may arise as a result of third-party situations. All that said, we want, as much as you want, to get you into your new house on the agreed date of occupancy.
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From start to finish, the process of building was great and we were extremely happy with the high quality of products and craftsmanship that was put into our home.

Dean & Ang Quade
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In the end, Tom built us a home that exceeded our expectations, including being completed on time and within budget.

Mike & Linda Thomas
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We truly felt like we were part of the build from the ground up which absolutely made this our dream house.

Blake & Susan Sloan

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